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Gas Deliveries

We are the local Bundy Hot Gas Agent for Agnes Water and surrounding Districts. We pride ourselves on delivering an unbeatable service to our customers.


Contact us to organize a gas delivery, we'll deliver within 24 hours!* We only charge one fee, which means: no rental fee, no contract, no delivery fee, no maintenance fee and no surprise charges.


We deliver it to your door, connect and test the connection so you're ready to go!

Co2/Soda Gas Refills

Do you have a Beverage System at home that requires Co2/Soda Gas? Home Beverage Systems are great for thirst quenching relief, but when you run out of gas, it's not a bubbly experience.

Did you know it's cheaper to refill than it is to buy / swap a whole new cylinder?

Drop your cylinder at our store, and we'll refill it for you! We freeze the cylinder overnight, it'll be ready for collection the next morning.*

Pool Cleaning / Servicing

Own a pool? Take the hard yakka out of maintence and let us help you maintain a healthy pool.

We provide a range of services, and can tailor a service plan to your requirements. Contact us today to organise a service!

A full report including water test is sent to your nominated email address. We add the required chemicals to keep your pool balanced and safe for swimming.

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